About us

JSC „Monblana“

Our story

We are metal and plastic processing company. Most of our manufactured parts are used in food plants, elevators, ice factories and assembly line, tattoo equipment, and other various parts of the production. High-precision metal machining used HAAS milling centers, turning centers MAZAK, ROBOFILL, ROBOFORM Electrical machines.
JSC “Monblana” – a Lithuanian capital company, established in 1994. The name comes from the company’s founder passion for climbing and realized the excitement of climbing the highest mountain in Western Europe Mont Blanc. Company way was full of excitement as the same climbing Mont Blanc peak.
With the help of our many years of experience, together with a qualified and experienced team, we are ready to continue to reach new peaks with you. We believe that helped you reach the top, and we will reach it – this is the secret of our success for more than 20 years. Our objectives and quick work confirms the long years of cooperation with the Baltic States and foreign countries such as Germany, Denmark and England.
Our specialization


We provide a very widely used metal and plastic parts production in Lithuania and abroad; Orders perform quickly and efficiently; Fulfill client needs and requirements.


By developing the company’s activities, gradually invest in new equipment. At the aim to become the most favorable partner for you.

Our values

  • Professionalism

  • Responsibility

  • Team work

To ensure long-term cooperation, we implement your idea precisely and on time!